Bandcamp Friday

Antipathy and Depersonalization Now Available on Bandcamp

The first two full-length albums, Antipathy and Depersonalization, are now available on Bandcamp for purchase in digital and physical formats!

Physical albums come with a jewel case and their respective 8-page booklet.

Both digital ($10) and physical ($12) purchases include unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads in MP3, FLAC, and more.

Get yours now!

Sizes XL – 4XL of the New Hoodies are Back in Stock!

Exclusively on Bandcamp, these zip-up fleece hoodies with jersey-lined hoods feature an anatomical cockroach on the front, a re-imagined Vitruvian Man with puppet joints and insect parts on the back, “nolongerhuman” on the right sleeve, and “your god is a cockroach” on the left sleeve.

Price: $50.00 per hoodie + shipping
U.S. Shipping: $15.00 (regardless of quantity)
International Shipping: $20.00 (regardless of quantity

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