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I’ve decided to track down every flavor of those weird Tuna Creations pouches. I’m going to find every single stupid fucking flavor, eat it, and post my capsule review. Why? Because it’s inane and pointless. You’re the one on my page (for now anyway) so buckle up, sit back and enjoy Ol’ Clint’s Tuna Pouch Opinions!

New Interview with Schwarztour: All About The New Album Marionette

Just had a recent interview with Schwarztour go live, about the making of the new album, Marionette! Huge shout out to Schwarztour for the great questions and great conversation. Check it out in both English and German on Schwarztour's site, and see below for the English version.

Marionette Album Now Live + Official Music Video for “Marionette”

Marionette is now live for streaming and purchase! As an additional treat, the official music video for the title track off the new album, "nolongerhuman – Marionette (Official Music Video) (RED BAND WARNING)" just went live on YouTube! Purchase the digital ($10.00) or physical digipak ($12.00) format on Bandcamp today! And make sure to check out the official "Marionette" music video on YouTube!

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