Call To Action: #SaveOurStages


As a project which started literally out of a bedroom, nolongerhuman moved from an idea to a reality based almost entirely on being played in small venues. First by local DJ’s, then live from the stages, and in some cases, the floors of small clubs all over the country.

Not only nolongerhuman, but the majority of music projects you listen to have been able to bring their music and unique visions to people purely because these smaller, lesser known venues exist.

Independent venues are where art thrives in its purest, rawest form.

We need them to exist; you need them to exist.

Independent venues were the first to close and they will be the last to open. They may never be able to open again if they are unable to get relief funding.

NIVA – National Independent Venue Association, representing over 1,300 independent venues and promoters, is organizing to secure financial relief from the federal government so these venues can survive the economic hit from the pandemic and re-open when it’s safe.

Please go to and, with one click, tell Congress you support independent venues.

Newly Announced Shows!

nolongerhuman en Mexicali

July 18th, 2019
Berlin 77 Night Club


– Terminal
– Azhler
– Hii Data

Event Link:

nolongerhuman en Tijuana

July 19th, 2019


– Terminal
– Azhler
– Hii Data

Event Link:
Ticket Link:

Klub Terminal Anniversary with nolongerhuman 

July 20th, 2019
The Stardust Club


Special Guests:
DJ Xian Vox
Shannon Chromegirl

And DJ Revenant!

Event Link:
Ticket Link:

Spotlight Artist Interview with Sequential

Quick note from the band manager:

Check in on Monday for a Spotlight Artist interview with Sequential on how nolongerhuman uses the Dave Smith Prophet X and Pro 2 in the studio.

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We’ve been quiet lately, but busy!

Stay tuned!


Stickers, Stickers, Everywhere!


Stickers, stickers, everywhere. For those of you that have emailed, your packs of stickers will go out Friday.

Also, remember that the contest is still ongoing! Send us your address to join the nolongerhuman Cockroach Corp Street Team and we’ll send you free stickers! Then, post the stickers in the most interesting place you can find, and whoever has a photo of the new stickers in the most interesting place will win a free t-shirt. 🙂

Photos will also be featured in an album on the nolongerhuman Facebook page, as well as the Photos section of the new website!

Click here for more information, as well as to add yourself the mailing list to stay up-to-date on the contest and other freebies. 🙂

Contest Time!

It’s time to start a new contest!

A bit ago, I posted that we were changing the URL from to

The website is almost done, and the new stickers with the new URL have been ordered.

To celebrate the new site launch, I’m inviting you to join the Cockroach Corp Street Team and Street Team Contest

The rules are simple:
To join the Street Team, promote nolongerhuman in your town with either the old or new stickers.

To join the contest, take a photo of the coolest place you plastered with the nolongerhuman sticker. The person with the coolest place/photo wins a free t-shirt!

I will also feature all photos submitted on the website and in an album on the nolongerhuman Facebook page.

The contest will begin as soon as the new order arrives and continue until Halloween.

So plaster your town and win some goodies!

To get new stickers, send me a message through email at

Keep in mind, those on the ReverbNation mailing list have known about the contest for about a week now have a head start. Don’t forget to add your email to stay up-to-date on the latest news!
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