With a decade of experience in creating harsh and dark electro music, nolongerhuman has gained a large and loyal fan base with his uncompromising melodies and deeply personal lyrics.

nolongerhuman has produced three full-length albums and has been featured on numerous remixes and compilations, toured the United States, debuted new releases in the Top 10 on the German Electronic Web Charts, and has systematically produced genre-bending harsh electronics with a sense of emotion rarely seen.

Combining music theory and personal, soul-searching experiences with harsh industrial is something rare in the genre, but nolongerhuman utilizes a masterful mixture of hard-hitting beats, catchy keyboard riffs, impeccable synth placement, and a haunting sense of ambiance, all of which inject soul and beauty into a genre that is typically defined by volume and attack factor. Vocal samples put nolongerhuman in a historical context, harking back to the early 90’s industrial while also enhancing the diary-esque lyrics of the music.

And while the songs work easily on the dance floor, they also offer the listener a thought-provoking experience with running themes of introspection, integrity, society, and a culture of apathy and blind faith in a somewhat dystopian fashion.

nolongerhuman’s fourth album Marionette is slated for release in early 2023. Marionette is a reflection of individuals in the world and their place in society. This album’s mission is to engage the audience with classic industrial and electronic music while incorporating a theatrical theme composed to represent the lifespan of an individual.

“I only plan on moving forward from here, or I will die trying.”

“Beautiful is not a word easily associated with harsh electro but nolongerhuman injects soul and beauty into a genre that is usually just defined by volume and attack factor.”

Christian Petke, Founder & Owner, COP International

“Taking a bold step forward to cross the line into new territory, this man has come out with a brilliant album…”

Steven Gullotta, Brutal Resonance

“nolongerhuman’s diary entry like lyrics set the band apart from some of the other industrial bands out now and the creepy sound to each track is delightful and well executed.”

Ovis Terrell Ross, Regen Magazine

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