nolongerhuman Announces New Releases and Renews Contract with COP International

I am very excited to announce that nolongerhuman has renewed its contract with COP International.

“It is always a privilege to support an artist for a long stretch of their career and we truly appreciate that the band has chosen to continue working with COP,” says Christian Petke / COP.

“Beautiful is not a word usually associated with harsh electro but nolongerhuman injects soul and beauty into a genre that is usually just defined by volume and attack factor. The new music is outstanding and we look forward to nolongerhuman’s new releases.”

“I feel incredibly honored to be working with Christian and everyone at COP Records. We have built both a business relationship and a great friendship over the years. It’s so exciting to work with a label that shares the same passion for the genre that I have, and that has values and a forward-thinking vision so closely aligned with my own. The best is truly yet to come.”

– Clint Robertson / nolongerhuman

Read COP’s announcement here.

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