Limited Edition Album “Vestigial” Now Available for Free Download

Originally self-released in March 2008, “Vestigial” was the first physical release from nolongerhuman and was a Limited Edition album with only 15 in existence.

This release was a bonus for anyone who ordered the first run nolongerhuman shirts. It’s very old, very rough, and mostly without vocals. There are a couple tracks that never saw the light of day, for various reasons.

I’ve had a several people ask for a copy over the years, so I thought I would make it available for anyone who wants to brave the rather rudimentary beginnings of nolongerhuman.

Now, 13 years later, we’re re-releasing the album on Bandcamp as a pay-what-you-want EP.
There is no minimum purchase price to download; if you do want to pay for the EP, you can name your price.

Digital Download includes full-sized album artwork, and the following tracks:
1. One For You, One For Me
2. Moral Atrophy (No Vox Version)
3. Transcend Humanity
4. Jesus Antichristus (nolongerhuman Remix)
5. The End Times (Extended Version)

Download for free now at

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