Call To Action: #SaveOurStages

As a project which started literally out of a bedroom, nolongerhuman moved from an idea to a reality based almost entirely on being played in small venues. First by local DJ’s, then live from the stages, and in some cases, the floors of small clubs all over the country.

Not only nolongerhuman, but the majority of music projects you listen to have been able to bring their music and unique visions to people purely because these smaller, lesser known venues exist.

Independent venues are where art thrives in its purest, rawest form.

We need them to exist; you need them to exist.

Independent venues were the first to close and they will be the last to open. They may never be able to open again if they are unable to get relief funding.

NIVA – National Independent Venue Association, representing over 1,300 independent venues and promoters, is organizing to secure financial relief from the federal government so these venues can survive the economic hit from the pandemic and re-open when it’s safe.

Please go to and, with one click, tell Congress you support independent venues.

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