Facebook 101

If you are going to consistently and only use Facebook to complain about the banality of life, at least inject some humor into your post, otherwise you sound like a whiny entitled shithead, not a witty, world weary intellectual as you may think. Trust me, you do. 

Secondly, if you are going to quote a poet, author, or song lyric, cite your source. It’s tacky otherwise, and half the comments will be asking you how you managed to write something so deep. Also, quit quoting things you haven’t read and just like the quote without knowing the context. It makes you sound stupid. Really, really, stupid. More of you have quoted historical people that I know for a fact you hate without knowing it based on lack of research than you can imagine. Think first. Type second.

Thirdly, the fastest way to look like a blithering idiot is to attempt something deep and meaningful and then spell it wrong, completely misuse the words, or otherwise mangle the English language, you don’t really need to attempt to be deep on Facebook anyway. This isn’t a college literary arts class, no one thinks you are profound, and if they do, they are less profound than you, which would make them a terrible judge of profundity. 

Just a daily note because sadly, with all the eye rolling over here as I scroll through my feed, I fear for my vision as much as my sanity.

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