StarKist Tuna Creations Sweet and Spicy

Frankly, "Sweet and Spicy" sets itself kind of a low bar don’t you think? It just has to be both sweet and spicy. Although that ignores the elephant in the room. Neither of those things is a flavor. Sweet is a taste, not a flavor. Spicy comes from a molecule that binds to tongue receptors. StarKist has decided to vacillate between hyper-specific naming and needlessly cryptic at will. What flavor is this? Mystery Flavor. This tuna packet apparently contains no flavors. It contains sensations. Next time someone asks me what kind of music I make I’ll simply say, “The audible kind.” However, people have specifically recommended this ahem… “flavor” so this is my destiny I guess, because that’s how destiny works. I just basically do whatever anyone on the Internet says I should do.

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