The Bandana. An Odyssey. 

The first nolongerhuman show was in 2007, in Portland at the now defunct Fez Ballroom. As strange as it may sound sixteen years later, when I started making music it had never occurred to me that I’d ever play in front of an audience. I was just a kid in a room full of keyboards and a stack of aggrotech CDs I’d been listening to since I was a teenager, not a performer. I had been posting songs I was making online and one day a local DJ sent me a message and asked if he could add it to his set. It was… weird to me because it also hadn’t occurred to me that anyone would dance to my music. The song he wanted to add was End Times. I hadn’t even written lyrics for it yet. I honestly don’t know if I had ever even planned to. 

Bandcamp Friday

Antipathy and Depersonalization Now Available on Bandcamp The first two full-length albums, Antipathy and Depersonalization, are now available on Bandcamp for purchase in digital and physical formats! Physical albums come with a jewel case and their respective 8-page booklet. Both digital ($10) and physical ($12) purchases include unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads in MP3, FLAC, and more. Get …

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